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Shardus Network

This tool helps you to manage a local Shardus test network.


The shardus-network tool uses the /instances directory by default, if another isn't specified.

shardus create-net [-n <amount-to-create>] [--no-start] [network_dir="/instances"]
shardus start-net [-n <amount-to-start>] [network_dir="/instances"]
shardus stop-net [-n <amount-to-stop>] [network_dir="/instances"]
shardus clean-net [-n <amount-to-clean>] [network_dir="/instances"]
shardus config-net [network_dir="/instances"]


Create a local test network with default parameters:

shardus create-net 10 --no-start

Start the test network:

shardus start-net 10

Add 5 more nodes to the network and start them:

shardus create-net 5

Stop the test network:

shardus stop-net

Clean residual log and database files from the last run:

shardus clean-net

Set the config.json file for all the instances in the /instances folder:

shardus config-net


The shardus-network tools are used to launch and scale local test networks that run your Shardus app code.

shardus create-net provides a questionnaire that gathers information about the way your app is configured. This includes the location of the main executable and configuration files for your application. It then creates a directory for the test network and saves the information it gathered into a network-config.json file in that directory. The --default option or the -n option can be passed to skip the questionnaire and use default values.