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The patchObject function is used to update the values of an object ,existingObject, with the values of another object changeObj. It does this by iterating over the key-value pairs of changeObj and updating the corresponding key-value pairs in existingObject. It will also log the keys value patches. It has no return type and 2 parameters:

-existingObject - the original object -changeObj - the object with the new values

patchObject(existingObject: any, changeObj: any) {
    for (const [key, value] of Object.entries(changeObj)) {
      if (existingObject[key] != null) {
        if (typeof value === 'object') {
          this.patchObject(existingObject[key], value)
        } else {
          existingObject[key] = value
`patched ${key} to ${value}`)
          nestedCountersInstance.countEvent('config', `patched ${key} to ${value}`)