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This function is not required to be implemented by the app developer for internal use by Shardus. It will generate appData metadata for the applied transaction. It takes in 2 parameters:

  • timestampedTx - the timestamped transaction
  • wrappedStates - The object generated from the keys sent in from the crack function (a wrapped version of all the account states)
  • applyResponse - The response object generated from the apply function

The example below shows an example implementation.

transactionReceiptPass(timestampedTx: any, wrappedStates: { [id: string]: WrappedAccount }, applyResponse: ShardusTypes.ApplyResponse) {
    let { tx } = timestampedTx
    let txId: string
    if (!tx.sign) {
      txId = crypto.hashObj(tx)
    } else {
      txId = crypto.hashObj(tx, true) // compute from tx
    if(transactions[tx.type].transactionReceiptPass) transactions[tx.type].transactionReceiptPass(tx, txId, wrappedStates, dapp, applyResponse)