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This function can return data for accounts that have been modified within a specified timeframe. For example, if you want all accounts that have been modified within the last 24 hours, you could do that here.

getAccountDataByRange(accountStart, accountEnd, tsStart, tsEnd, maxRecords) {
  const results = [];
  const start = parseInt(accountStart, 16);
  const end = parseInt(accountEnd, 16);
  // Loop all accounts
  for (const account of Object.values(accounts)) {
    // Skip if not in account id range
    const id = parseInt(, 16);
    if (id < start || id > end) continue;
    // Skip if not in timestamp range
    const timestamp = account.timestamp;
    if (timestamp < tsStart || timestamp > tsEnd) continue;
    // Add to results
    const wrapped = {
      stateId: account.hash,
      data: account,
      timestamp: account.timestamp
    // Return results early if maxRecords reached
    if (results.length >= maxRecords) return results;
  return results;