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Starting a nodejs project

Now that you have satisfied prerequsites for shardus tech stack you can now start nodejs project by doing the followings.

Switch node version

Make sure using the correct node version by doing nvm use 16.11.1

Starting a nodejs project

Create package.json by doing npm init

Install node-gyp globally

To install node-gyp, please do

npm i -g node-gyp

Install shardus-cli

To install shardus-cli please do

npm i -g shardus

Developing decentralized applications using shardus

Developing decentralized applications on top of shardus usually require these four npm packages.

Core Technology

npm i @shardus/core

Cryptographic helper functions

npm i @shardus/crypto-utils

For monitoring

npm i @shardus/monitor-server

Archive server

npm i @shardus/core

What's next

You can now develop your own decentralized applications. Don't know how ?


See getting started section if you havent already