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Starting a Node.js project

Now that you have satisfied the prerequisites for the Shardus tech stack, you can start a Node.js project by doing the following.

Switch Node version

Make sure that you are using the correct Node version by doing:

nvm use 16.11.1

Starting a Node.js project

Create package.json by doing:

npm init

Install node-gyp globally

To install node-gyp, please do:

npm i -g node-gyp

Install the Shardus CLI

To install the Shardus CLI, please do:

npm i -g shardus

Developing decentralized applications using Shardus

Developing decentralized applications on top of Shardus usually requires these four npm packages.

Core Technology

npm i @shardus/core

Cryptographic helper functions

npm i @shardus/crypto-utils

For monitoring

npm i @shardus/monitor-server

Archive server

npm i @shardus/archiver

What's next

You can now develop your own decentralized applications. Don't know how?

See the getting started section (if you haven't already)