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This function can be used to create the wrapped account data used by Shardus in the apply function. It takes in the account ID and transaction as the parameters and returns the wrapped response to be used in apply. Use the createWrappedResponse function exposed by Shardus and pass in:

  1. The account ID
  2. A boolean indicating whether an account was created
  3. The account hash
  4. The account timestamp
  5. The entire account object itself

If you ever need to create an account with specific data based on a specific transaction type, that can be done here.

getRelevantData(accountId, tx) {
  let account = accounts[accountId];
  let accountCreated = false;
  // Create the account if it doesn't exist
  if (typeof account === "undefined" || account === null) {
    account = createAccount({
      id: accountId,
      timestamp: 0,
      handle: accountId
    accountCreated = true;
  // Wrap it for Shardus
  const wrapped = dapp.createWrappedResponse(
  return wrapped;