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This function is required to be implemented by the app developer for internal use by shardus. It takes in 3 parameters.

  1. accountStart The start of accountId's in the range shardus wants to grab from
  2. accountEnd The end of accountId's in the range shardus wants to grab from
  3. maxRecords The maximum number of account records shardus wants to get back from the function

Because shardus allows you to use whatever kind of database you choose, this is required by the app developer to implement so shardus can grab the account data for it's internal uses.

getAccountData(accountStart, accountEnd, maxRecords) {
    const results = [];
    const start = parseInt(accountStart, 16);
    const end = parseInt(accountEnd, 16);
    // Loop all accounts
    for (const account of Object.values(accounts)) {
      // Skip if not in account id range
      const id = parseInt(, 16);
      if (id < start || id > end) continue;

      // Add to results
      const wrapped = {
        stateId: account.hash,
        data: account,
        timestamp: account.timestamp

      // Return results early if maxRecords reached
      if (results.length >= maxRecords) return results;
    return results;

This example uses a local, in-memory accounts object to store account data, but you can use whatever you wish.