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Crypto Utils


npm install @shardus/crypto-utils
# OR yarn add @shardus/crypto-utils


const crypto = require('@shardus/crypto-utils')

// Module has a constructor that takes in a 32-byte hex key as required by node-sodium for generic hashing

// Uses json-stable-stringify to stringify an object in a consistent sorted manner; returns a string

  Returns a 32-byte random hex string by default, otherwise you can
  specify how many bytes you would like to generate

// Returns the hash of the input, output format can be specified as 'hex' or 'buffer'
crypto.hash(input [, fmt])

  Returns the hash of the provided object as a hex string, optional
  parameter to hash the object without the "sign" field (default is
  false, can be passed true to hash without "sign")
crypto.hashObj(obj [, removeSign])

// Generates and returns {publicKey, secretKey} as hex strings

// Returns a signature obtained by signing the input with the sk
crypto.sign(input, sk)

  Attaches a sign field to the input object, containing a signed version
  of the hash of the object, along with the public key of the signer
crypto.signObj(obj, sk, pk)

// Returns true if the input was signed by the owner of the pk
crypto.verify(input, sig, pk)

  Returns true if the hash of the object minus the sign field matches
  the signed message in the sign field